Weekend bonus shot, 03.14.10


Pops, holding his father’s maddock, Santa Cruz, CA (archival: November 2009).

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  1. BeethovenLives March 15, 2010 at #

    Wow. If you took this photographs and but them into a big paving slab sized coffee-table book I would buy it.

  2. Lesbian Dad March 15, 2010 at #

    Thank you. Of course, if my dad strolled by and saw it, he’d go “Pish tush!” or some such.

    He was puzzled why I’d want to take a picture of him holding his dad’s tool (which they both used to clear the land around his parents’ house, back when he was a young sprout in the 30s and 40s). Though he also appreciated it, since the tool and and the land it belonged to were about to finally leave his family. The use value of the tool is now transferred into the image, a placeholder for a memory.

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