Two’s company, three’s LOUD


And so we enter the terrible threes. Again.

The variation on this theme? BOY! Who, like his sister, certainly isn’t limiting his contentiousness to his second year. All folks near young humans know that the phrase “terrible twos” is only in common usage because of the alliteration thing.  Three years old is when most young humans hit their peak of INSANITY.  Which he does daily, thankyouverymuch.

[For comparison’s sake, his sister in the same shirt, a little over two years ago on her birthday.]

6 thoughts on “Two’s company, three’s LOUD”

  1. We found the Terrible Twos started around 18 months. “Whhhyyy?” Also started then. Our lad scooted through Two with regular tanties, but it wasn’t too scarey. Then near the end of two the regularity eased up but the level of determination increased. So he doesn’t lose it very often, but when he does it’s a total show stopper, and he’s getting too big for me to just pick him up and carry on with what we need to do.

    So I’m just hoping he gets it all out of his system before he becomes a teenager.

    • Eh? Howzat? Cain’t hear ya!

      Little guy has his mama’s will, I’ll tell you that. But since our relationship basically exists thanks to that will (coupled with her determination), I s’pose good things can come of it. The first date will get an earful from the parents, I’ll tell you that.

  2. hmmm i was just in a conversation where we were both wondering if the terrible twos might be stretched to 13 months. or maybe there’s another name for that malaise that occurs when one is trying to walk….

  3. Both my son and daughter are INCREDIBLY loud. And that “terrible two’s” thing is such a set up because you get through age two and you’re like a)wow I have the best kid EVER because that was nothin’ or b)wow I’m the best parent EVER because that was nothin’. And then…the horror is revealed to you later.

  4. oh, Vikki, that was the case with our son! The twos were a piece of cake. He was amazing, easy going and happy-go-lucky. Then his third birthday hit – literally!

    Nearly 10 years later, he hasn’t stopped talking. Oral surgery? not a problem – talked with a mouth full of cotton. Braces? tried to talk while the orthodontist put them in. Going to the bathroom? he just stands outside yelling to make sure you hear everything he is saying.

    And the minute we are apart, I desperately miss that constant chatter!!

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