4 thoughts on “7th of 20”

  1. I swoon daily. Also, though there are plenty enough heterosexuals in the world, I am excited about the marriage w/ the daughter plan, since that means: DOWRY! (But hopefully not a cow; we really don’t have room in the backyard. Pigmy goats, now there’s an idea.)

  2. What a photo! What a subject!

    Those lines from Jane Siberry’s “An Angel Stepped Down (And Slowly Looked Around)” seem written for him:

    an angel stepped down…
    touched lightly to the ground
    we stared at his soul

  3. look at that little man! this reminds me of my boy and the looks i get from him. they have the same curly-ish blond locks and are both so pretty. my little guy is often mistaken for a girl he’s so pretty, but i don’t mind since i agree that he is so good-looking. yours too.

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