4 thoughts on “Sisterly love”

  1. Yep — BeethovenLives, the gals up top are actual sisters: the beloved and her big sis, cracking each other up in a fancy L.A. watering hole. The big sis is radiant and could very well be the source of all the light behind her. Below are our daughter and the gal who may well be the very first she’s fallen in love with, after they’d picked a bunch of lupine in a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, off of Mulholland Drive. We anticipate enormous angst upon our separation tomorrow. Maybe they’re less “virtual” sisters and more something else.

    You know, Bionic Brooklynite, I’ll bet the thing that tugged the tear ducts is the unadulterated love you’re seeing between the two. The older gal is just older enough (hugely patient, accomodating, etc.) but not too old (she gets our girlie’s quirky sense of humor, is willing to engage the same elaborate imaginative games). Since their Mamas have been dear friends for over 20 years, it stands to reason. Also, it’s a beautiful thing to see. There’s something frozen in time-like about this kind of love, like this age. Spring wildflowers are so emblematic of it all.

  2. I just wrote this below–but my goodness….how that girl has grown up. And what a great moment you managed to capture there. Poignant, to me, somehow.

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