7 thoughts on “Blog update in 20 obscure cookie fortunes”

  1. Without wishing to add to any pressure…

    Actually wishing to add as much pressure as possible…YIPPEE! Welcome back stranger.

  2. I am so uplifted by the promise of more posting (although, really, I’ve been happy with just the fact that there hasn’t been an end that it feels greedy to even think of more) that my computer thinks your blog must be in italian (the language of expansive spring feelings).

    that seems like a shoddy metaphor, but it’s not metaphorical at all. google wants to translate you.

    • Y’all are so dadgum uplifting. Seriously. Chumpy, ole pal, I welcome the pressure. Thank you. Everyone should have such a multi-faceted collective muse. Makes the blank page a lot less blank.

      Rev2bebt: glad you enjoyed it. Next to impossible to both acknowledge the drought here without pulling back the curtain too far. My angst is one thing. Others’ is another thing entirely. Leastwise I’m happy to say that the primary cast of characters here — partner & kids — have been my anchor, buoy, and Northern Star through drought, monsoon, and anything in between.

      Hey and welcome abord, midlifenatalie!

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