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Love train


Valentine’s Day train ride, Berkeley, CA.

Way back when the beloved and I had our commitment ceremony, circa 1997, we made a point to celebrate all kinds of love. Familial, platonic, romantic; all of it.  We did that partly because we were uncomfortable about having drawn people from far and wide to pay attention only to us-us-us. But we also wanted to thank those we gathered around us for equipping us with the capacity to love one another so well.  Any celebration of a union is implicitly a celebration of all that makes it possible. Every time we love and are loved well, we learn more about it, and are empowered to do it better with others.

So Valentine’s Day mit kids ropes us all in. A hike in the hills, a picnic, a spell-binding train ride. Yummy Chinese food for dinner.  Okay, so only some of us had champagne with our dinner.  And only some of us had the salted chocolate caramels in front of a movie after the kids were in bed.  But hey. Any good train needs a caboose for the staff to chillax in.

[Here are the O’Jays, on whose “Love Train” no wee photo caption could ever improve.]

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