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At the Halloween Block Party

The lil’ monkey, here disguised as a dragon, faces the audience and judges at the neighborhood Halloween Block Party costume contest. Second only to the jumpy house, which I have said before gives me more heebie-jeebies than a flock of middle school kids in Freddie Krueger masks, the costume contest is the highlight of the day.

I might have been tempted to suggest that the Know-It-All-Brother-In-Law’s Halloween outfit was the number one highlight of the block party, but then by saying that I would be drawing attention to it. Which I promised him I wouldn’t do. So I won’t.

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Historic report on Bay Area LGBT families released

[Below is a press release from the Bay Area LGBTQ Family Collaborative.]

OUR FAMILIES: Attributes of Bay Area Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual
& Transgender Parents and their Children

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 30, 2007) The Bay Area LGBTQ Family Collaborative, comprised of three organizations — Our Family Coalition, The San Francisco LGBT Community Center, and COLAGE — has published a report titled Our Families – Attributes of Bay Area Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Parents and Their Children. (You can download a PDF copy of the report here.)

“Our Families” fills an existing gap in documentation of LGBT families with children and their basic demographics in the San Francisco Bay Area. Utilizing data from the 2000 US Census, as well as from other research professionals and publications, the report reinforces little-known facts about LGBT families. For instance, the average household income of same-gender parents in California is $13,000 lower than the average household income of married couples with children. While this data is astonishing, it is even more startling that there may be countless more LGBT parents locally and nationally who have not yet been recognized due to fears of coming out and the limitations of current research around working class LGBT families.

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My little girl’s growing up

(Or, Monkey develops what my sister affectionately calls “Husband Hearing”)

Baba: Okay, sweetie, it’ time to get ready for bed!

Monkey (in a petulant tone): Nnnnnnnnnnnno!

Baba: Now why would you be cranky like that? When I’m being all gracious and civilized.

Monkey: My feeling is that I don’t hear so well.

Baba: Oh really?

Monkey: Yeah. Like my ears are clogged or something.

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Weekend bonus shot, 10.27.07

Happy baby, big lens, Berkeley, CA.

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