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From the vault: a Copenhagen pictorial (1)

Wonka-esque factory, along Copehnagen's harbor

This image is of a Wonka-esque factory along Copenhagen’s harbor, taken by me using my sister’s cellphone camera.  I was brandishing it out the window of a moving taxi en route to the Opera House and the beloved’s and my first date night with childcare (ever? certainly in a foreign country).

My then-family of three was visiting my sister and her just-then-family of three, who were living there four Thanksgivings ago. A surreal, crepuscular time during a crepuscular season. Dusk at 3:30, 4pm; long shadows all day; a bluish glow over most things for much of the time. Or so it felt. We were all underwater, to one degree or another, some of us so deep it’s a miracle the pressure didn’t crush the skull.

Last week was an historic week  for this blog: I believe I may have posted less than I have in years. Rivaling holidays when I was supposedly away from internet access, or post-surgery when I was supposedly away from my better senses. The coming weeks may not be any better, at least in the prose post department. As consolation, for those of you still wandering by to peek and see whether I’ve been able to lift something sharable up out of the fray of late,  I’ll offer up some images from that Copenhagen visit, in honor of the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference held there.  We got two weeks of conference: other than my visual travelogue of Copenhagen, my goal is to sprinkle some kinda actual prose posts in before we all roll up the sidewalks and hunker down for one holiday or another.


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