Copenhagen pictorial (3)

A pleached allé, on Hambros Alle

This here’s a pleached allé on Hambros Alle, in the  neighborhood we stayed in. It ends in the Øresund, the strait separating Denmark from Sweden.  We walked by this many days, and every time I wanted to stand in the crosswalk and stare and stare and stare, into eternity, or if not eternity, then at least the distant bump of Sweden.

Day Two roundup on the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen pictorial (3)”

  1. LOVE this picture. Love it so much. Love it so much I would buy it from you if you had a print to sell. Ahem, do you…?

    Also, I love how you’re using these gorgeous photos to draw attention to the climate proceedings going on. I hadn’t even realized they were happening, thanks for the heads up!

    • So glad to know I’ve been able to make a modest contribution to the fight against global warming!

      And as to the picture: watch yer email for your very own copy of a high-res, beautified JPG file. You may have your favorite SF print shop, but if no, I’ll include a couple of suggestions in the email. Happy holidays!

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