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At seventeen



My kids are not the first ones I bathed as infants, held as they toddled, hoisted on my back for a romp through the woods.

Today would have been my oldest nephew’s seventeenth birthday. It still is his birthday. Who would he be? What would have become of all of us, had he seen seventeen? Verge of manhood. He barely reached ten; did so with more courage than many show over the course of a lifetime, or so it seemed to me.

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Boy with dust motes

Morning, Hope Valley, CA.

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Twelfth Annual Weblog Awards

This? I recently found out about because I read my backlogged Twitter stream:


You’ll see there if you look closely that Lesbian Dad has been nominated for a 2012 Bloggie for Best LGBT Weblog. Those who need know no more than where to vote may do so here until 10pm Eastern; 7pm Pacific, Sunday, February 19.  Either scroll down a bit or select “lgbt” from among the categories in the lefthand grey nav bar.

I am honored, flabberghasted, puzzled (can a person’s cumulative contribution really overcome a year of undeniably anemic posting? can it really?), and you name it. But there you go. There was a nomination period, some folks nominated this earnest (if lately anemic) thing–for which: thank you!–and somebody else from a random assemblage of nominators selected it from among the nominated. So there you go.

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