Wishing you well

I’ll be away from the internet through the coming weekend, or at least away from reliable sources thereof.

In honor of Thanksgiving, a big big holiday for those of us who are aware of what we’ve got to be thankful for (and in case I can’t find me any WiFi in the hills, or get struck with the good sense not to look for any), I offer up this several years’ old post on the topic of gratitude .

And thank you, gentle reader, for your time here.

2 Responses to Wishing you well

  1. BeethovenLives November 26, 2009 at #

    Happy Thanksgiving from Plymouth, England!

    • Lesbian Dad November 30, 2009 at #

      Many (if belated) thanks back!

      I feel pretty sure most of the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas aren’t as grateful for our arrival here as some of your people over there might have been to be rid of the Puritans, lo those centuries ago. Maybe I’m projecting. But a holiday celebrating gratitude is always, or should always, be welcome. Warm wishes back to you.

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