A sign of the times: the big sister is totally fine on her own (note the chillaxed rider of white horse in the background). Also, a sign that the lil’ bro is not the big thrill-seeker (just yet): he lobbied heavily for a “merry-go-around” ride, but still only wanted to sit on the little stationary bench. Which was fine by Baba, since she was still recovering from an earlier ride with the big sister. This one.

2 thoughts on “Merry-go-mudra”

  1. Look at that winsome little face! Oh, and that dimple! When did he grow into a little boy? I still think of him as more of a babe. It must of happened in the blink of an eye. And I have no idea how you survived the roller coaster with your girlie. I’m not sure i could stomach that! Yikes! 🙂

    • O lordy lord you have no idea. Or I suppose you do. My eyes were winced shut the whole time and I just (a) held on to the seatbelt/bar dealie, (b) kept my arm locked around her, and (c) pressed the shutter release jobbie on the camera utterly indiscriminately. All the while making as neutral-sounding remarks as I could muster. Like “Wheeee!” And “JesusMaryAndJoseph we’re about to meet our maker!” Things of this nature.

      As to the boy: also, lordy lord. Wee babe has definitely transformed into wee boy. Big, big feeling wee boy. All in a span of time as quick as a jerk of the rollercoaster.

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