Workin’ the granny circuit

The lil’ peanut followed in his sister’s footsteps yesterday at the Fourth of July BBQ chez DadDad’s retirement community, smiling brilliantly in the face of whosomever looked at him and charming ’em by the baker’s dozen. The ladies, they couldn’t get enough of him.

He’s taking after his namesake, to whom the gals rush like kittens to a saucer of milk. DadDad’s an irresistable babe-magnet: north of 85 yrs old, he’s still charming, piano-playing, and ambulatory. Meow.

2 thoughts on “Workin’ the granny circuit”

  1. He tried; lord knows he tried. He definitely had the big blue necklace granny in the palm of his hand. Sister, it’s getting crowdwed in there!

    And thank you. Can’t really lose with these critters as muse.

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