Lesbian Dad

Weekend bonus shot, 08.22.09


“Hello, my name is not lady,” Butch Voices conference, Oakland, CA.

Water bottle decor above sported by (local pro nanny!) Red, who says she got this from girlsnotchicks.com. Even if I couldn’t find a sticker looking like this one at their site (did I remember wrong? I very well could have remembered wrong), I totally enjoyed being reminded of their fantastic coloring books Girls Are Not Chicks and Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls. A  must for any thinking artist’s coloring book collection.

With the grace of sufficient childcare in upcoming days, I hope to render something about the conference sometime soon.  Meanwhile, I can just say I am thankful for my one day at it, and for the hundreds of folks it drew from far and wide, people who daily move through a largely uncomprehending world with brave honesty and full hearts.

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