Lesbian Dad



Love the t-shirts, even love the font on the t-shirts. 

Their son is adorable, and had the best deadpan stare at the camera, from beneath a very fabulous hat. But, since I err on the conservative side w/ kid images (other than me own), the little cutie will have to remain as cute as your imagination can conjure.  

[Update (small world dep’t.): Papa reads LD! So we corresponded, and I’ve got the A-OK to put their son’s adorable mug up here, so I swapped the photo. They write about their beautiful family at Endless Grins. G’wan over and say hi. Also g’wan over and see what their son’s t-shirt said. Dave (Papa) wrote about the day they had (Daddy John, & cutie Caden), and the reception they all got for their t-shirts. Seems I was one among a crush of paparazzi.]

Am still scrambling for the nonexistent time to do up a whole pictorial narrative of Pride. Severely delimited childcare this month, compounded by Life.  Meanwhile I’ll trot these pics out daily ’til I can get the whole shebang up.

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