Love the t-shirts, even love the font on the t-shirts. 

Their son is adorable, and had the best deadpan stare at the camera, from beneath a very fabulous hat. But, since I err on the conservative side w/ kid images (other than me own), the little cutie will have to remain as cute as your imagination can conjure.  

[Update (small world dep’t.): Papa reads LD! So we corresponded, and I’ve got the A-OK to put their son’s adorable mug up here, so I swapped the photo. They write about their beautiful family at Endless Grins. G’wan over and say hi. Also g’wan over and see what their son’s t-shirt said. Dave (Papa) wrote about the day they had (Daddy John, & cutie Caden), and the reception they all got for their t-shirts. Seems I was one among a crush of paparazzi.]

Am still scrambling for the nonexistent time to do up a whole pictorial narrative of Pride. Severely delimited childcare this month, compounded by Life.  Meanwhile I’ll trot these pics out daily ’til I can get the whole shebang up.

2 thoughts on “Papadaddy”

  1. Those are seriously precious shirts. We got some paparazzi action at the DC pride parade – mostly for the cute redhead we run around with, but also for the lesbian dad shirt.

    The DC rainbow families show up in this video compilation at about 38 seconds in, look for my cutie(s) at about 44 secs in.
    I’m trying to embed it… hopefully it’ll work.

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