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Meet in the Middle 4 Equality Rally Video

Those of us who were unable to be in Fresno this weekend, by dint of geographical or logistic or financial or other entanglements, will be very inspired by this montage of speakers at the rally.   You can see how the spirits of César Chávez (¡sí se puede!) and Harvey Milk (you gotta give ’em hope!) were hugely present there that day, shining through so many people, including his direct descendants, in the persons of his granddaughter Christine Chavez and Milk’s protegé Cleve Jones.

I truly feel better about what’s to come, based on what Robin McGeHee brought together that day. Not simply because of the numbers of people, or their spirit.  But because of what people were saying (as citizens to citizens; activists to activists): Listen to one another. Learn about the issues that matter to the people whose support we are soliciting.  Understand oppressions as interlocking. Be allies to one another. Let the young people lead, because damn are they ready to. 

I deeply, sincerely thank everyone who went there to show your commitment to this next step in this long journey.  Finally, I want to nominate Robin McGeHee Mom of the Year, Activist of the Year, Lesbian of the Year, and pretty much everything else of the year. Year of the year, fer crying out loud. Just watch:

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