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  1. lulazoid November 25, 2008 at #

    Too beauteous for words.

  2. Lesbian Dad November 25, 2008 at #

    Must agree. The kid ain’t half bad, neither.

  3. directorgrrl November 26, 2008 at #

    oh dear he made that jump to child face from toddler face, seemingly overnight….

  4. sadein November 26, 2008 at #

    You have the most beautiful children! I just signed on, I’ve been lurking for a while. I think your setting a wonderful example.

  5. Lesbian Dad November 26, 2008 at #

    Thank you, sadein, and welcome! [Welcome, too, to other signers-on who did so in recent, election-bedazzled/ -besieged weeks. And my hostly apologies for not directing you direct welcomes!]

    Directorgrrl, can’t you see the teenager there already? Esp. from picture A to picture B. Like, “Babaaaaaaaa, geez. It’s not like I’m going to immediately crash the space shuttle. I’m just asking for the keys for a coupla hours.” Etc.

  6. Maggie November 26, 2008 at #

    How can anyone (a-n-y-o-n-e!) look at those sweet eyes and tell him his parents shouldn’t be allowed to get married?

    Geesh. What a gorgeous child. (probably best not to tell him when he’s a teenager that one of your readers once called him “gorgeous” ;)) If my future children are 1/2 as adorable as yours…I will have lots to be thankful for 🙂

  7. Lesbian Dad November 26, 2008 at #

    How can I look at those sweet eyes and say “No” to anything? (A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g?!)

    But also: thank you. This here is the missing ingredient of the No on 8 campaign, one I hope will be remedied next go ’round.

  8. Chris November 26, 2008 at #

    I’m insanely jealous that you got him to eat a carrot. Best I can do so far with mine is beans and occasionally peas or green beans if I’m lucky.

    *sigh* Carrots. What a concept.

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