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Weekend bonus shot, 10.25.08


The long shadow of the Baba, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.

It was a few weeks ago, and we were walking back from a delightful visit to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, the tremendous new aquarium/planetarium/natural history museum/indoor rainforest, eight years in the making.  Our visit there was a deliberate gesture of familial morale boosting in the face of the unrelenting Anschluss of hate that has been the Proposition 8 campaign.  Exaggerating.  Only just a bit.

All day at the aquarium, I thought, wistfully: Perhaps we’re doing Good Works for the campaign just being here, amidst the teeming masses at the aquarium.  A visible for instance, making the abstractions of the proposition concrete. 

En route back to the car, the little peanut was asleep in the stroller.  We had no cover for him from the megawatt glare of the sun, so for the entire 15-minute walk back to the car, I not only pushed him, but variously maneuvered myself so as to  shade him.  This is something that I — like many parents — always do, without a thought.  

Except on this day.  With so much on the line,  I couldn’t help but wonder, as each family passed us: Are they noticing this?  Can they really see how much and how well we love our children?  Will a memory of this ordinary moment of parental care come back to them, in that extraodinary moment in the voting booth when they contemplate writing our family out of the state’s constitution?



Show California and the nation that we will not tolerate unfairness and inequality.

No on 8 has just rolled out an online GET OUT THE VOTE / visibility sign up.  From October 30 through election day, during the morning and evening commutes, and all day election day. Form a team, or join one.

We are so, so ready to win this.

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