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Fiat lux / let there be light, Berkeley, CA.

Somebody’s reading, and it’s not (only) big sis. Watch out.


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Wishful thinking


Child’s creative projects, windowsill, Berkeley, CA.

Not her first such attempt, and I hope not her last.

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Seven years today

E.U.P. February 27, 1995 — March 24, 2005.

Above: my nephew and me, a very long time ago.

Cancer; glioblastoma multiform; brain, spinal cord.

About nine months from diagnosis to death.

Survived by his parents and his younger brother, who at the time was the age my daughter is now. Survived also by two grandfathers, two aunts, an uncle, several cousins, and dozens of friends, teachers, coaches, parents of friends and, collateral of the last nine months of his life, a great many doctors and nurses, mostly at Children’s Hospital, Oakland, who came to know and love his spirit, bravery, and generosity.

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Rainwater catchment system

Rainwater harvesters, Berkeley, CA.

Plenty to write about, especially post-Dad 2.0 conference in Austin. Ultra-short version: the future looks bright, in the caregiving men working to expand and richly populate parenting discourse realm; I couldn’t be happier that dads writing their parenting experiences online are growing a community; and I was really honored to be able to participate in this inaugural gathering. I was particularly excited to have been able to connect with–however briefly–folks I really love reading, like Andy Hinds, Jeremy Adam Smith, Mike Adamick, and Jim Lin.  And meet folks I look forward to reading, especially Jason Sperber and my panelmates (see ’em here). My whole sense of hopefulness for the future of boys and men was lifted immeasurably by a panel moderated by BlogHer Editor-in-Chief Stacy Morrison, and featuring Jeremy Adam Smith,  Frederick Marx, William Pollack, and Alan Heisterkamp.

However! No time to wax descriptive, reflective, or analytical! I’m solo parenting this week (Mama’s off singing an oratorio in the Midwest, you know, the usual), so the little crumbs of discretionary time I have to pick at outside of work hours have been up and carried away by ants. Okay, not ants, these people, pictured above. Way better than ants.

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