Lesbian Dad

But I’ve been talking too much. What do YOU think about me?

Actually the beloved’s family, mostly all theater folk, deliver that old saw this way: 

“But I’ve been talking too much.  What do you think about my play?”

Robin Reagler, lesbian parent blogger extraordinnaire, interviewed me recently as part of an ongoing series, and has just posted the results.  

[Lengthy aside: A gal who’s always in some kind of death-match with her own humility can be a bit dumbstruck by the dilemma: link to the interview about the self, as a gracious acknowledgement to a colleage whom one highly esteems?  And yet in so doing honk one’s horn, the sound of which almost always grates on one’s ears?  Or make no mention, thereby inadvertantly dissing one’s colleague and her unfailing community-building efforts?  I have winced and decided to post this ditty.  Which I can usher  you off to with this caveat: Robin asked some really interesting questions about what writers have been influential, what my hopes for the blog were, and other such things.  Stuff I wouldn’t probably drone on about here (hey!  I heard that coughing and snorting in the back row!  that’s not funny!).]

Many of you already read The Other Mother religiously.  If you don’t know Robin’s work, you’ll know more soon, since she answered back the same interview questions, and I’ll be publishing them in the near future.  Robin’s someone I consider the grandmama of lesbian parent bloggers, even though she’s younger than me I’m sure.  She has been publishing The Other Mother since 2004, and has made it a very strong, very consistent point to draw together and support a wide community of lesbian parents.  Kathy Belge, author of the Lesbian Life section at About.com, named her blog one of the top ten best lesbian blogs, and for good reason.  

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