Weekend bonus shot, 08.30.08


Headdress, Berkeley, CA.

“Do you like my hair?  Some of it is blonde, and some of it is just my dress.  I’m pretending it’s a headdress.”

2 Responses to Weekend bonus shot, 08.30.08

  1. mkatyc August 31, 2008 at #

    you really take some lovely pictures

  2. Chumpy September 2, 2008 at #

    At first glance its as if your daughter is moving on from musical theatre to surrealist art. Though strictly speaking she’s being very literal. Smart but literal. What a delight: some of the things they put together at this age. (There must be a name for this stage of language development).

    The shadowy figure, out of focus, back turned, is obviously up to no good. Silent, furtive in-the-background activity is oh so much more of a concern than loud, exuberant fun.

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