6 thoughts on “Not napping”

  1. What are you going to do?? Well, take him out of the crib and eat him up! If you don’t, I will fly out there and do it myself.

    I think I am missing my kids 🙂

  2. Agreed. That’s the face that launched a thousand ships, burnt the topless towers of Illium, etc.

    Last night, when he was supposed to be falling asleep, he kept popping up and then doing the double eye blink thing, after which he’d stick his tongue out a buncha times, another recent trick. But not in the closed-lip, Bronx cheer kind of way. More like a Polynesian god, or maybe Einstein:

    Did I discourage this behavior? Or instead replicate it? Erm. Ahem.

  3. Has not made a teethmark yet. And fortunately he has a big enough appetite for actual food that he’s not tempted by the paint & wood.

    I think he had a natural sense of what expression would make me the most exasperated about his insomnia. He was pretty on target.

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