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Comments in a holding pattern this afternoon*


Howdy, LD reader! If you were going to keep your thoughts to yourself this afternoon, great, never mind this note.

If, however, you thought you might have a hankering to engage in dialog here, I need to tell you that a mechanic is (or will soon be, or just finished) tending to the proliferation of hieroglyphics in the archival material.  You know, all this [–] poo that’s been littered all over the place? So that you can’t read through half an old post and not step in it? That stuff.

While the database is in the shop, the comments feature has been temporarily disabled.

We are brightly guardedly optimistic that all will be well as of well in advance of not too much later than Monday morning early this week, at which time I anticipate you will be greeted by not only a fresh new post, but neat n’ tidy punctuation and diacritics way back to this blog’s humble beginnings.

Thank you, and carry on.

* [Later update]

Never mind.  Attempt mounted and then dismounted.  Comments may be back in effect, but then so are the hieroglyphics.  Carry on as if nothing strange is happening around here. Even if it is.

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