Cross yer bow!

So said my Pops, when he leaned across one or another of us at the dinner table, reaching for the butter dish.

I’ve been offline for perhaps as long as I’ve ever been with this thing since it launched (ten days, yow!), at least as long as I’ve gone in a slid off the map sort of way.  It might have been an unplanned vacation, if only it weren’t actually instead a bunch of feverish rowing in a rowboat atop an avalanche of transitions, physical and psychic, our household’s and our kids’.  It’s all mostly good, but it has definitely disoriented the wherewithal — space, and time — I rely upon to post here.

Please accept my sincerest apologies, and brace for content once again.

6 thoughts on “Cross yer bow!”

  1. Glad you’re back. You were conspicuous in your absence, it seemed longer than ten days.
    And what of these transitions? Looking forward to more writing….bowing and scraping, not cross.

    • Thanks for the Ganesh offer, annz. Probably will take you up on it.

      Chumpy, you are too kind, as ever. In brief: kid 1 out of Kindergarten; kid 2 into preschool; kid 1 into first summer camp ever (day camp, and what a day camp it is); both kids 1&2 from one room to another in our wee place (whilst I ready other rooms which will ultimately make our small place less small); my workspace disrupted and slowly reconstituted, only with bits & chunks missing but at least now it’s actually going to be my workspace and not one desk shared w/The Mrs in a room with the kids and all their art & playstuff. Both of us ostensibly working from home, by the way.

      All good transitions, but some fairly labor- (or labour-!) intensive. And what with workspace disappearing (later reappearing) alongside the time disappearing (for a spell), things got very quiet. After a while I intimidated myself even about how to peep again. Poor sensitive artistic types.

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