Lesbian Dad

We’re outta here!


Boychild skedaddles out the rabbit hole, leaving Baba in it. Children’s Fairy Land, Oakland.

 As we have in past years, our family unit is relocating to the central coastal part of the state for the next week, to commune with the beloved’s dear Angeleno friend and her two kids at said friend’s parent’s place. Said friend’s parents habitually relocating themselves to the mountains of Idaho around this time. Do-see-do, around we go. Costs us zip so we’re all aglow. Might even sip some fine Bordeaux. Kids bliss out big, from head to toe.

As with past years, I may or may not find internet access, and may or may not be able to partake of it without leaving the rest of  the family unit bereft. All’s I know is, no internet where we’re staying, so it’ll be itinerant internet at best.

Which will surely do a body good.  Happy early August to all you fine folks in the meanwhile.

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