Comments feature gone fishin’ restored!


Our Scotland desk has reported a “Closed” sign over at the comments window. So THAT’s why everything was so quiet! Scads and scads of you (meaning like maybe one? two?) have been clamoring to say something, anything, and have been rebuffed! By the server upgrade, or some php5 snafu, or some other mess that I totally don’t understand.

The attentive among you might have noticed a blizzard on the screen when you logged into LD on for a period of over six hours on Friday afternoon/evening. Not that LD was panicking. LD keeps a cool head about her at all times (cue muffled sounds of choking and snorting from the peanut gallery).

Please commit to memory whatever you were going to say, and try back again later now. Worker bees up in Portland (where the LD host lives) are, I can only trust, were hard at work on the whole thing and order will soon beis now restored.

Now back to your regularly scheduled online peregrinations.

6 thoughts on “Comments feature <del>gone fishin’</del> restored!”

  1. Happy Baba’s day indeed! I hope you got some awesome Babaish gifts (power tools, perhaps?), or at least lots of loving from your family.

  2. Thank you all! An eventful day was had by all (as Monday’s postlet intimates). And Nickoal, so very happy the photography makes you happy! You’d be amazed how much comes down to a spiffy camera lens, and a willingness to burn through the digital storage with reckless impunity (don’t like it? erase it & try again!). Okay, and some fiddling with exposure. And some post-production.

    But I think serendipity and the willingness to go nuts is at least 60% of it all. Monday’s image was one of about a dozen (more?) that I took without even looking through the viewfinder. All’s I did was hook up the exposure so the passing scene would be a bit blurred (but not so much that she would be). The rest of it was the moment outside my control, which is pretty much life, eh?

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