Vote, Lezzy, vote

vote150x150 This year’s Lezzys are on: over two dozen lesbian-authored blogs, finalists for The Lesbian Lifestyle’s “Best” blog for 2009 in Entertainment/Culture, Humor, Parenting, Engagement/Wedding, Feminist/Political, Personal, “Out later in life,” Sex/Short Story/Erotica, NEW Lesbian Blog, Podcast, and Lifetime Achievement. Yrs truly is up for “Best Parenting Blog.” Voters vote daily (with email link confirmation) ’til midnight, March 2 last night.

[Addendum: a hearty congrats to Vikki, of Up Popped A Fox, this year’s reigning Lezzy Award-winning Best Parenting Blog! Go! Read! Get hooked!]

2 thoughts on “Vote, Lezzy, vote”

  1. I voted yesterday and am heading there to vote again today. How cool is that that we can cast numerous times? I wonder how different national and local elections would turn out if we could, say, vote once a day for a week.

    • I know. Whim factor would kick in, maybe those of us undecided could get the gratification of indeed voting for each candidate we liked. Ultimately the truly dedicated (and the zealots) would win the day. A good thing?

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