8th of 20

Just a little public service announcement. You know how some people think squirrels are cute? And that feeding them nuts on the porch kind of brings a little bit of cuddly nature nearby?

And, you know, like, these people might have thought that it’s okay now that they no longer feed the squirrels the nuts directly out of their hands, holding the nuts between thumb and forefinger, like blithering IDIOTS?

Well, I’m just saying, IT’S NOT OKAY.

5 thoughts on “8th of 20”

  1. So glad you enjoyed that sneaky little pseudo-post, in the way of a link to a post gone by. And of course I later learned just how well she had memorized the correct pronunciation of the word. Allow this other bygone post to regale you with the details.

  2. we have a huge squirrel problem here. we had them living in our crawl space! argh! we have since removed them. i can’t even have flowers in the fall because they dig them out and hide their acorns.

  3. Know what the #1 most common problem treated at the Grand Canyon Clinic?

    No, not heat stroke.

    No, not breaks and sprains from falling off cliffs or twisting limbs.

    No, not even heart attacks in people who should know better than to hike into the Canyon.

    Given the context of this post, you probably can guess, but I’ll tell you anyway: Squirrel bites.

    At least, that’s what a clinic doc once told me. I’m guessing heat exhaustion and general lacerations are probably up there, too, but still. You are not alone.

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