Weekend bonus shot, 10.19.08


After the wedding, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Oakland, Oakland, CA.

The Oakland UU’s motto: Spiritually Alive, Radically Inclusive, Justice Centered.  Yesterday, at my oldest and dearest friend’s wedding, I’d say it was all of the above, plus filled with righteous love.  Long may it wave. 

1 thought on “Weekend bonus shot, 10.19.08”

  1. Hi LD,

    I’m newly subscribed, but have being reading you blog for a while. I even got me one of your ” Amor Vincit Omnia ” shirts. I sure appreciate all the effort you are putting into the NO ON PROP 8 campaign. I can’t vote but I’m doing my part to ensure that some day I get to Legally marry the woman of my dreams.

    Got of track there, the reason for me writing is ” You kids are just so Cute”. thank you for sharing and for all that you do. You are a true warrior in my book.

    Joyful and Powerful

    Claudius Maximus

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