Lesbian Dad

Forgot the “G”

Wish the omission in the packing/to do list title was a joke. Like I wish the level at which my brain functions these days was a joke. Alas, it is not.

One day, sleep deprivation will be but a distant memory. Now, sleep is, as is discretionary/loitering time anywheres before 9pm, after kids are really, truly asleep, and the place looks like something other than Hell Struck With A Club (one of my mom’s most frequently employed expressions).

Welcome to the human race. Or maybe even the comfy, cozy, middle class mit kids part of it. I mean I could stop at 9pm if I wanted to, after all.

Yet and still. Who needs a little spring break get-away? Baba (and brood)!

Who might not be able to resist a post or two this week, small town WiFi permitting? Baba!

Who might get in trouble if she’s caught in the act? Baba!

Who’s so incorrigible she might just try anyway? Baba!

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