3 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 04.05.08”

  1. I do love B&W photography – when it’s done well. This is very nice. A keeper for sure.

    Great blog! I found it when I was reading “Lula Bites.” Am also the “other mom.” 🙂 Love my place in life!


  2. Thanks, and welcome! Also, solidarity, sister. I am right happy m’self.

    Each week I give myself the challenge of finding something B&W-worthy. Something where the lines and textures can handle the “jump” from color to B&W. I miss a lot of the time, or don’t have good enough stock to plunder. And other times a nice old miner’s cabin turns up, with daffodils in front of it, and the girl urchin strolls by.

  3. Wow, this is a beautiful photograph. Daffodils are my favorite flower, and I was a tempestuous blond little girl, so I really identify with this one!

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