Monday eye candy

I may be speaking for only myself when I say that a little cheering up is in order. Lawrence King’s death (and the poisonous homophobia / misogyny that spawned it) still sits heavy on my heart. Plus my nephew’s birthday is coming up. Nephew that’s in the ether, that is. Would have been thirteen tomorrow.

So. Another boy here in their stead. So far, so good. Actually, so far, so jam-packed with joie de vivre. So much joie de vivre, in fact, that he has a ton left over, enough to share. Here, have a bite.

5 Responses to Monday eye candy

  1. lulazoid February 25, 2008 at #

    On a positive note, Freeheld won an Oscar.

  2. LesbianDad February 25, 2008 at #

    Ah yes! I read about this later that night (here’s the Garden State Equality page on it, and Terrence’s post on it). What an inspiring, moving story.

  3. FemiKnitMafia February 26, 2008 at #

    nom nom nom
    thanks for the bite.

  4. kanga43 February 26, 2008 at #

    I’m pretty sure you have the most beautiful kids in the world! 🙂

  5. LesbianDad February 26, 2008 at #

    They get their rakish good looks from their Baba.

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