5 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 09.01.07”

  1. Great photo! My wife said to tell you that it has a wonderful Sally Mann feel to it. (This is quite a compliment, she thinks Sally Mann is a great photographer and her photos have amazing depth.)

  2. Thank you (& her!). So do I (re: Sally Mann). Of all the laundry pile images, I liked this the most for their semi-bored, ultra-relaxed, totally in different directions expressions. Wonder if it’s that languorousness that made her think of Mann (to me that’s one of the very most distinct qualities of her images).

    The beloved sighs a sad sigh of resignation, though, since I was supposed to be folding this laundry, not photographing it. Oops.

  3. Whenever I attempt to fold the laundry, or in fact, do anything to the laundry, Noah bounds out from whatever he’s been up to, shrieking with glee, “Laundry! Laundry! Laundry!” Then he flings himself full-body into the pile.

    Great capture.

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