14 thoughts on “Squash goatee”

  1. I totally see the lyrical, politically insightful, emotionally expressive, acoustic guitar-playing heart-throb in there behind the organic butternut squash. But then maybe I’m projecting.

  2. No no, I see it too! I see as-yet-unborn teenage girls swooning and melting into those eyes. Maybe boys too, but for whatever reason, in this vision, I’m seeing girls.

  3. lordy that child looks like his mama.
    love this blog, i read it religiously.
    speaking of religious. he looks like an angel. and angel of the butternut squash

  4. Thank you, DG!

    I write it religiously! Even if oftentimes I am Fallen, and can barely get up. (You should see the backlog of unwritten essays circling the airport of my mind! Whadda mess!)

    Stand by for cheese-bag PhotoShopped image of a butternut squash with angel’s wings.
    (When time permits.)

    And yes: thank the goddesses the beloved got a little likeness off on one of her spawn. Eighteen months heaving and ho’ing them around, plus squeezing each one of ’em out (@ 9lbs each!). She’s gotta get some kinda bennies.

  5. Sorry I didn’t catch that. Perils of moderating swiftly @ work. Really I strive to be a gracious host, and fixing typos ought to be included along with tasty appetizers, appropriate lighting, and the right kind of background music played not too loudly.

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