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Flash! Abby sez gay nuptials a-okay!

Says so, right here:

“I believe if two people want to commit to each other, God bless ’em,” the syndicated advice columnist told The Associated Press. “That is the highest form of commitment, for heaven’s sake.”

The piece is worth a read, not just because of the refreshingly frank, no-nonsense sensibility of Abby (or rather her daughter Jeanne Phillips, who assumed the column when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years ago), but also because in it one is treated to the correct spelling of “brouhaha.” And I’ve been going “broo ha ha” all this time.

Regardless of your position on gay marriage — and by that I mean, within queer/progressive community, that one could be lukewarm about or anti- marriage without being lukewarm about or anti-gay people (consider, for instance, the Alternatives to Marriage Project) — it’s impossible to deny that gay marriage functions as a very close stand-in for gay people these days. For better or worse (in sickness and in health; for richer or for poorer).

Hats off to Abby. Made my National Coming Out Day (about which, stay tuned).

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