Welcome you AfterEllen readers!

I was tipped off, by LD reader HeidiB, that AfterEllen’s Linda Villarosa mentioned LesbianDad in a recent piece of hers. I’ve always found Villarosa’s pieces exceedingly intelligent, and now I have even more reason to hold her in high esteem. Welcome, you readers who came here thanks to her! Make yourselves at home, mosey around, maybe check out this “Best Of” page I worked up for a concise view of the range of hoo-ha at this blogular water cooler. For those who didn’t see the Villarosa piece, a wee description follows.

In Outside the Lines: Babes in Momland, she reviews several books by lesbians describing their trips toward motherhood, including Louise Sloan’s Knock Yourself Up and Harlyn Aizley’s Buying Dad. Aizley, who edited the critically acclaimed volume Confessions of the Other Mother, began blogging this spring at Are You My Mothers?*

I have a ditty on Harlyn and her blog in the hopper, but I stuck a link to her blog (down there amongst the Parenting Blogs (various) links immediately upon hearing the happy news of its arrival. In addition to its delivering every morsel of humor and insight that you’d expect of her, Are You My Mothers? is notable for its being parked at parents.com, an online publication from the Family Circle publishers. Uh huh, yep, the Family Circle people.

Villarosa also notes the blogs Mombian, The Other Mother, and Suburban Lesbian Housewife as venues that “offer seasoned advice and insight for lesbian mothers.” And there’s plenty more up that alley: by now you all must know that LesbianFamily.org is the lesbo parent water cooler to end all lesbo parent water coolers. If you want to find a kindred spirit online, you’re sure to find her sidled up to the spigot over there.

To you all, sung and un-sung, I says: Go, sisters, go!

* [Full Disclosure Alert! I couldn’t possibly be more biased about Harlie! She published an essay of mine in her Confessions book! Plus I think she’s the lesbian David Sedaris! And I’m not the only one who thinks that! Though I might be the only one to say so with so many exclamation points!]

5 thoughts on “Welcome you AfterEllen readers!”

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome 🙂 I love your blog, and tried to read as many of your previous post as possible, all in 1 seating. Where I come from, a family such as yours is unheard of, so but after reading your blog, I definitely aspire to have a great family like yours one fine day! Such joy and happiness, it can only inspire more people to be a loving Baba too!

  2. Thanks for the links. I’ve been following you a long time since I read about you through Dooce. Or wait, maybe it was the other way around. Anyway, after 14 mos of trying (9 IUI’s and 1 IVF) we are PREGNANT!! 8 weeks yesterday to be exact. WITH TWINS!!! I look forward to writing about our journey THROUGH pregnancy and parenthood, as much as I did writing about the journey GETTING here. Keep putting up good stuff. We might even venture out to Cali for the birthing class you went to!

  3. San, you’re very kind. Since I am only able to love and appreciate as much as I’ve been loved and appreciated (which has been a lot), I says, the whole kit & kaboodle is one big mosh pit of mutual inspiration. In other words, I get the sense you will be blessed, in whichever way is right, when the time is right. Thank you for the props.

    And Liza, no question LesFam is the bomb, or whatever the youngin’s would say these days (“bomb” is certain to be a decade old). HeidiB had written me again later in the day to say something about how much she’s gotten from the online community of lesbian parents, and I eagerly concurred. Matters so very much to us, given we don’t constitute the majority of family on any of our blocks (I’d wager, outside of a few choice blocks in each time zone).

    Virgotex, all’s I know is that the Range of Hoo-ha is somewhat north of the Isthmus of Panama.

    Congratulations, RaJen!!! Read all you can now, because you won’t have the time to squander them staring at a wacky computer screen. If you venture out this-a-way, for sure drop me a line so’s we can give you a home-town welcome! All four of you!

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