In the old orchard

A kid-sized haywagon, some forgotten apple trees brimming with fruit, and thou.
(Fruit stains at mouth: from wild blackberries, picked before the apple. Direction of gaze: the next apple, custom-plucked by Auntie Liz.)

3 Responses to In the old orchard

  1. Shereen September 17, 2007 at #

    That is some kinda “Snow White” looking apple! And that face has a serious “are you sure this apple is safe for me to eat?” look…

  2. LesbianDad September 17, 2007 at #

    Yeah, and well she should have that look. A good half the way through, we found that someone had been there before her! Ah, nature!

  3. Vikki September 18, 2007 at #

    Either the theatrical upbringing has inspired the monkey to perform a scene from Oliver Twist or you guys are doing something very scary that can’t be seen in this frame.

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