13 thoughts on “How do I love thee?”

  1. I was stunned by the beauty of your babe and it took me a minute to even see your schmutzy hand.

    I had schmutz on my hands this morning too and my son is 6. Of course, my son eats like a savage sometimes so maybe the outlook for your hands is better than mine.

  2. Alicia & Vikki, you now see how all the schmutz got there in the first place. I was bedazzled before I was beschmutzed.

    That, plus periodically I try to get past my aversion to schmutz and give him free reign of utensil & bowl & etc. Since how else is he going to learn? I found with the lil’ monkey that my ability to overcome schmutz aversion was directly proportional to the speed with which she honed her fine motor skills. See? Eventually getting us all past the schmutz-painting period.

    And Irreverend-A, all’s I can say is Courage, ma soeur, courage.

  3. I have recently developed an addiction, or at least am on some kind of two-week binge, to parenting blogs. This is primarily your fault, or that of your kids’ absurd cuteness. Anyway, I think I’ve become a fan so I felt it was necessary to take that next step and say Hi. Your not-dad-or-mom parenting gives me so much hope.

  4. Just testing my newfound non-purgatoryness with regards to commentary! Precious souls, the two lil ones. Hope to have one of our own soon.

  5. Even after seeing this post (cute as it is) Amy and I still managed to introduce our little one to rice cereal. She doesn’t yet have quite the, uh, creativity, of your little one, but it was only her first night.

    Maybe we should all get together for dinner sometime. I’m thinking it would work best with the kids at your house and the adults at ours.

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