Gone fishin’ sneaky-post 1

When she’s all grown up, will she remember the Music Together class, where the sweet guy leading it has accomodatingly woven in “Hello, to the Babas,” after he’s sung “Hello, to the Mamas” and “Hello, to the Daddies”? I hope so.

What if instead she remembers the didgeridoo at the Farmer’s Market?

And if she does, will she remember it fondly, or with a shudder? Only time will tell.

[Didgeridoo sound clips aplenty for the didgeri-hardy here.]

5 thoughts on “Gone fishin’ sneaky-post 1”

  1. Our ten year old remembers the ‘fiddlesticks music’ I dutifully took her to as a toddler. She sat stone-faced for most sessions and walked straight to the exit as soon as it ended! We live in a didgeridoo heavy town here, especially in the summer.

  2. Keri: Yes, he’s a sweetie. And the other friendly folks in the group smile and get it after he’s sung it. Since it’s Music Together, all us parents are doing exactly what the leader inicates, and most our kids are staring at us in wonder.

    AllieG: Glad to know that even if she’s mute during the class, something will stick.

    Wow, and a digeridoo-heavy town! Heaven for some, h-e-double toothpicks for others. I say this simply because I know of folks with a thin skin for its use by Sensitive New Age (non-aboriginal) Guys, aka SNAGs. Having never dated or spent gobs of time in confined spaces with SNAGs, I have a thicker skin. Plus I think the musical instrument sounds really nifty. Like an instrumental version of Tibetan throat singing (sound clip here for the curious, courtesy the freesoundproject site; interesting piece on its origins and practice here for the yet more curious, courtesy a Danish amateur musicologist).

    Robin: Wink wink nudge nudge. Seems like you might ought to take the brood to Brighton, UK some summer!

  3. That’s one of the things I love about (most) MT teachers — they are (usually) very inclusive! Friends, sisters, nannies, babas, grannies — anyone at the class gets recognition. Good on him!

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