Lesbian Dad

Nunsense Friday


Okay I couldn’t leave well enough alone. So, for your edificiation:

    (a) A link to where you can get your very own such-a hat & robe (the one on the right). The oddly unsettling thing is the feature at the bottom of the page where you get to see what other items folks who bought the nun costume also bought. You have to picture all of them together milling at a cocktail party.


    (b) The tidbit that the very nun hat pictured above, Sally Field’s very own, sold for $9,500 at an online auction whose proceeds benefitted the Hollywood Motion Picture Museum. Guess who donated the hat for the auction? Debbie Reynolds! You have to picture her reliving some of her best scenes from Singin’ in the Rain, maybe doing a medley of them, as she taps and glides about the house in the thing. You know, in the years before she finally parted with it for the auction.

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