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Update: Baby on the outside! All 9 lbs, 7 oz of him, as of 7:22 pm PST, Thursday January 18th, 2007! Sunny side up, the little bugger! Ma and jumbo baby both radiant and eating like horses! Stand by for pictures and stories, in that order, in due time!

Amor vincit omnia.

[Amanuenses: annz & KIABIL]

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  1. Thank you all. Will be uncharacteristically terse. We got home this afternoon and I had to add this visual to the update. More later, including a guest post from the KIABIL, aka Know-It-All-Brother-In-Law.

    Thanks again so much, konagod, llyn52, Trista, Ayelet, Whitney, Momai, Artsweet, Miarno, Katie, Dana, and LD!

  2. congratulations on safe arrival! I hope he sleeps well for all of you. Well done birth mother – they dont call it labour for nothing!

  3. Thank you thank you the KIABIL, waiting, Lizzy, Marypierce13, Blue Ox, and jon (& Rosie & Zoe & Fergus). My dilemma while kid #1 is spirited away by my sister: Clean yesterday’s dishes & generally tidy up? Nab some sleep, and find therein some composure? Or be a wacky fool and upload some more baby pictures, leaving the house a mess and my nerves even more shorn of that protective sheathing that comes in so handy in days like these? Hmmmmm….

  4. Oh! Congratulations! He’s adorable! Welcome to the world, baby brother!

    BTW, that’s exactly the same size Noah was when he was born. Big babies are wonderful.

    I hope you are getting a few smidgens of sleep and am so so so happy you posted a picture of this beautiful boy.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such exciting news! WOW! 9lbs7oz! He is so beautiful. Great job.
    Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are so happy for you all. Enjoy my friends. Looking forward to more pictures and more stories of life. M M in VT

  6. Got cut short on the phoner with Junie Bozzy as the little guy apparently needed some boob. Anyway, I love you all so much and we Garton people congratulate you immensely on your new human. And generally, greetings from Minnesota.

    Yay! and Super Yay! Give that kid a big smooch for me please.


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