8 thoughts on “Yeah, they love me”

  1. Awwww. Melt!

    It’s amazing how quickly you forget how small the bran-new ones are. Even the bran-new ones that come in size XL. He looks so sweet there with big sis.

  2. I’m sorry. Just give me a minute with him, will you?

    Hewwo! Oh, hewwo, widdle bunny! Who’s a widdle bunny? YOU are! Yes, YOU are! Oh the liddle bookee-wookee wookums! YES you are! So cute! So cute!


  3. I also love how SERIOUS they seem at that age with no facial muscles to smile… It is as though they are just taking it all in. “So THAT’s what that sound was!!!”

    His chin and the picture of he and Mama sleeping together are just amazing! I can’t stop looking!

    Thanks for this!

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