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Ice cream?


Sherbert cone boy, Albany, CA.

Baba’s having fun with Hipstamatic on her iPhone. Son’s having fun with a cone.  Thinking we’re even.

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Home Depot, El Cerrito.
GREAT GIFT FOR DAD, Home Depot, El Cerrito , CA.

As fate would have it, I went out early the day before Baba’s Day to engage in a most fatherly of exploits: buy a lawnmower. Ours had died the week before, and a small herd of preschoolers and their families were headed to our back yard later in the morning to assemble and kind of graduate-ish. (About which, more later.)  Per early morning hardware store run custom, I stopped by the donut shop for a cup of hazelnut coffee and a maple bar, and allowed myself to drift through an aisle or two en route to the cordless electric mower my fellow co-housers had agreed upon.  I was stopped in my tracks by the exceedingly handsome grill pictured above, not because I coveted it (I would, but fortunately my brother-in-law has one just like it and I get to use it all the time, Scott-free), but because, despite the sign plastered across it, this thing would have intimidated the bejeepers out of my own dad during his own grilling days. “SCARY GIFT FOR DAD,” more like it.

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Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 06.11.12

Downtown buildings and container cranes from harbor, Seattle, WA.

By way of an iPhone and Hipstamatic post-production hi-jinx.

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Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 06.04.12


Girl with unicorn, Berkeley, CA.

“I’m not swinging on a swing; I’m flying on a winged unicorn, with golden wings, and a matching horn, and a sliver mane and tail, and it has a pink–no!–a pur–no!–a sparkly purple ribbon on it, and its name is Misty!”

True facts, that’s what she said, verbatim.

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