Lesbian Dad

Plus ça change, or Prides I have known

O how they’ve changed. This year my Pride began in a friend’s church, of all places — though I think we can all agree that the Unitarian Universalists are not your mother’s church. I had contributed to the service (offerings? program?) by sharing a “reflection” on gender, as seen through

Le mot, juiced

One of the most descriptive anecdotes about my Pops, per his position on my lesbianism, dates back to a bookstore visit we made in the mid-1980s. I had been out to myself for several years, but to my parents for only a short while, and they still daydreamed about it


DadDad & his granddaughter. I just sent in an essay today, musings on the occasion of Father’s Day for consideration at an online ‘zine. If it doesn’t appear there or anywhere else, digitally or via ink, I’ll definitely post it here on Pops’/Baba’s Day. Meanwhile, all that thinking about fathers

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