Lesbian Dad


DadDad & his granddaughter. I just sent in an essay today, musings on the occasion of Father’s Day for consideration at an online ‘zine. If it doesn’t appear there or anywhere else, digitally or via ink, I’ll definitely post it here on Pops’/Baba’s Day. Meanwhile, all that thinking about fathers

On the same page

So this spring, Confessions of the Other Mother came out and of course I’ve been watching its progress as it (bearing my humble essay) inches its way up and down the Amazon.com sales rank list. Imagine my thrill when I saw it debut at a sales rank in the vicinity

At the library

The Berkeley Public Library reading room. I spent some time yesterday working in the Berkeley Public Library. My mother spent most of her after-school hours there, as a Berkeley High School student in the late 1930s. But before her afternoon at the library began, she went across the street to

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