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Flights of fancy

Dispatch from BlogHer/Chicago 09 #1: Just a quick note to be filed in the “I don’t get out often enough” file: some tidbits from the SkyMall magazine. No tidbits yet regarding the conference because Evening 1 all I did was eat some wonderful free food, sip some wonderful free wine,

Goin’ to Chicago

Sorry that I couldn’t find the Ernestine Anderson version of this, which is my favorite. (“Ain’t nothin’ in Chicago for a sweet little boy like you to do,” sez she.) Apart from his preamble, I do like this Joe Williams version as my second favorite. As you read these words,


Musical accompaniment courtesy Mr. Louis Armstrong. Okay so the “so sweet, so cold, so fair” part is a bit of an exaggeration.  I mean, they’re clammy, yes, but not cold. Certainly not in the sense implied.  I do feel a bit like an infirmary worker, I will say that much.

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