Lesbian Dad

GLSEN’s Day of Silence*

Today, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover would have turned twelve.  If you don’t know his story already by his name, take a deep breath first, then read this.  His mother is interviewed here, at Essence. [If you prefer video, here’s the piece on CNN.] It is as grim a coincidence as fifteen

Some/thing new

[Limping just a tad bit behind, here’s the second in a series for Robin Reagler’s Freedom to Marry Week blog carnival, What About Love] We were given license to marry in May 2008. It was new to feel welcomed into the protective embrace of the state. But not walking into

Yep! It’s soup for lunch, again!

I missed this earlier piece from our gal Dana at the Mombian desk. Seems Campbell Soup Co. has marketed to the LGBT market, with an ad featuring two lesbian moms (pro chefs, it turns out) serving up some tasty soupy vittles to their son.  So far, so placid, right? Well, surprise surprise,

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