Vote today! As if your government depended on it!

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I’d say it goes without saying, but alas, it doesn’t. Mebbe not to y’all, whom I know to be a well-informed and engaged bunch, but one still has to honk the horn.

Here’s the League of Women Voters’ polling place locator, if for some reason you or a chum over your shoulder doesn’t know where to vote locally:

For locals to me, meaning Californians, here’s the Courage Campaign’s Progressive Voter Guide, in a handy-dandy printable PDF format:

Do note, fellow Californians, that the sane vote on Prop 23 is not merely NO, but “HELL, NO!” I take this verbatim from the page from which the guide itself comes, and I couldn’t agree more.

I close with some words from my doppleganger Dr. Rachel Maddow, who said the other night on her show, “What the election comes down to is getting your tuchus off the couch.”

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So arise ye cynics! Arise ye malcontents! You have nothing to lose but your rationale for complaining about the wisdom and loyalty of your public servants!

And if you’ve already voted and are interested in various ongoing updates, here’s Greg Mitchell’s live blog over at The Nation.

Save the Children, elect Richard Pan for CA Assembly

I got an email yesterday from Chris Moore, President of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento.  In it, he provided an update on a tightly fought state assembly race in which the lead attorney for the Yes on Prop 8 is running. The National Organization for Marriage is in big for his campaign, and we all ought to know about it. And help support his opponent.

Here’s Chris’ piece for the California Majority Report yesterday:

National Organization for Marriage is Using Children as Political Pawns… Again.

The folks behind the divisive and hurtful Yes on Proposition 8 T.V. ads just couldn’t help themselves — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is once again using children as political pawns, but this time in an attempt to elect one of their own, Andrew Pugno, to the California State Assembly by smearing his pro-equality challenger Dr. Richard Pan. The two are facing off in a hotly contested race for Assembly District 5 in the Sacramento region.

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Items of note: local and national

I have nothing of interest to share about the upcoming mid-term elections, since (1) my relationship to matters political is less in the electoral and more in the cultural realms, and the best I can do is follow the former and try hard to have a positive impact on the latter; and (2) I am still at least a fortnight away from the end of a never-ending household revamp which has sucked up all my discretionary time, and therefore the very bloggy life out of me. It’s a miracle I can even find my glasses each morning.

(Utterly non-sequitorial aside: for Halloween I’m going to dress up as a contractor and scare the living shit out of the middle class home-owning grown-ups in the neighborhood by waving around a DeWalt cordless drill and threatening to encamp in their household for a few months, during which time I’ll keep telling them “It’s all going to be wrapped up soon,” and then I’ll laugh maniacally and say “Kidding! The floor guy just backed his truck up into the sheet rock guy, and they’re both tied up in small claims court! It’ll all be another three months, minimum! Bwahahaha!”)

Okay but no, still, one tries, if fitfully.  In that spirit, please note details on the following, after the jump: California Progressive Voter Guide from Courage Campaign; a Friday night march and rally in San Francisco to focus on LGBT youth suicide and homelessness, and a reminder about two critical bills needing the support of your elected representatives in Congress: Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Student Non-Discrimination Act.

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What’s the story?

Hey, you drought-tolerant LD readers! I have a question for you.

I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to be on a panel about LGBT families at this weekend’s National Lesbian & Gay Journalist’s Association LGBT Media Summit and National Convention.  I’ll be joining several others — Judy Appel, Executive Director of Our Family Coalition, the Bay Area’s LGBTQ Family organization; Mark Snyder, Communications Coordinator at COLAGE; and Charlie Spiegel, founding Executive Director of Our Family Coalition, former Lambda Legal Board co-Chair, and family law attorney.

What should LGBT journalists know about our families? What stories are important to you and your family that aren’t being reported? Are there images or notions about us — inaccurate, or even oversimplified — that you find are beginning to lodge and need displacement by more nuanced reporting? Do you have any fresh, inventive ideas about how interested journalists can find us and tell our stories, or get our “angle” on LGBT and general-purpose family stories?

Anything you leave here in a comment (or directly to me via my contact form) I’ll be able to peek at and share at the panel, which happens in the afternoon on Saturday, September 4. Short notice, I know. I’ll appreciate whatever you can share with me, and via me, them.