Lesbian Dad

Summer idyll 3: incalcitrance

Immobile hiker, El Dorado National Forest, CA.

Above, our son’s culture-vulture city-slicker-osity coming home to roost. Back home, after dinner, his favorite activity is rearranging boxes and furniture to create sets for shows, or maybe drawing. Not, it must be noted, tramping in circles around the neighborhood.

We quizzed his culture-vulture city-slicker older sister: What in the heck happened to you that you delighted in this hike?  (Her primary activity as we walked the less than half a mile to and from Fallen Leaf Lake: harvesting Artemisia tridentata, or big sagebrush, for sachet-making, as she hummed and sang under her breath.)

Her reply: I’m seven; he’s five.

Upon her wise counsel, Mrs Dad and I are postponing the Patagonian trek for a few more years.


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