4 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 11.06.11”

    • Thanks! I was in-‘n-out about three weeks ago, for work. My greatest regret was not being able to wrestle the time to get out of Midtown and down to Liberty Park to at least say boo, or go team. Lucky me I was back here for our first good rain of the season. With a roof over my head it was a cozy experience (double-triple lucky me, lowering my “percent” status as it were, to be sure; I may not be the 1% but I know relatively speaking I’m a helluva lot closer to that end than the other).

      • Oh heck Ya we are way closer to the 1% than the 99 just by virtue of where we were born and can now live. Appreciating all those luxuries I have in my life: roof, food, medicine, magazines, hell, just having access to the Webs puts us in a class of our own.

        Your blog is great LD, it’s thoughtful and contemporary and filled with positivity; thank you.

        • It is an honor and a pleasure. Also a luxury. Both to have the opportunity, and nowadays (b/c I work so ding-dong much) the time. Though to come full circle, that I am as employed as I am is itself a stroke of enormous good fortune itself (and the stuff of an overdue blog post).

          Thank you for reading and chatting, sister.

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